Ultimate Casino Management System

Faster, Wider, Deeper.

nexio multiplatform

NEXIO is our advanced CMS platform, delivering ultimate user experience across all system modules. From Slots to Tables, from simple tasks to the most complex analytics or marketing campaigns, user can immediately obtain benefits from a whole new level of product. NEXIO means faster, wider and deeper comprehension of all CMS data with access from virtually everywhere.


Ultimate User Experience

NEXIO features a unique and intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) which takes your CMS experience to a wider understanding. It gives you the possibility to process and present the most complex analytical data in a comprehensive visual format allowing you to response faster and to decide smarter.

nexio platforms

Touch the Supremacy

Dashboard & Gadgets

Dashboard is one of the NEXIO’s most interesting tools to get operational insight from raw data. Individually important information, including performance indicators are consolidated and arranged on a single screen within Gadgets and can be monitored at a glance. Gadgets are selected from a constantly growing library to keep you always on top of your floor.

nexio widgets

Available on mobile devices

NEXIO Mobile App allows casino operators to access CMS key data with their mobile devices in real-time, anywhere. NEXIO Mobile App works with Apple iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smart phones, Windows phones, etc. Moreover, NEXIO Mobile App is also optimised for different screen dimensions.

nexio platforms


NEXIO is compatible with all existing OS on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you or your employees are using Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows, Google Chrome OS or any version or combination of them, they can still run NEXIO. It gives you a free choice of HW and SW to use in your casinos and offers you at the same time a consistent user experience across all OS options.

nexio cross platform
nexio cross platform nexio cross platform nexio cross platform

Powerful and flexible
Marketing and Analytics

NEXIO’s powerful Analytics module gives you valuable insights on your performance and players behaviour in real-time. You can optimise your business and marketing strategies and act when is needed with flexible yet narrow targeted marketing campaigns to keep your players engaged and you one step ahead.

nexio dashboards

All you need is a click away

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Stay tuned with your casino
all the time, Everywhere.

You can create your personal Dashboard with intuitive Gadgets of your preference on your desktop and access the same view on your mobile device on a business trip or at home. Nexio helps you to stay connected with your casino and get all relevant analytic data when needed in real-time reducing your reaction time. Create your own selection of alerts and alarms to receive on your mobile device and monitor mission critical events in your casino to prevent unpleasent scenarios.

  Activate your
Employees Potential

Experience in-depth connectivity and collaboration through all of your departments, reduce time loss on non-optimized operations in order to achieve better performance. Inspire and motivate your employee’s with a CMS that improves their results with less effort.

  Brings players satisfaction
to a whole new level.

NEXIO has implemented an advanced analyzer of behaviour patterns, which allows you to track players tendencies, get an insight into his habits, current status and at the same time gives you the ability to predict some of the future behaviour of individual players. Staff can take appropriate action and remedies in the right moment, keeping the players engaged all the time.


Perfect Match

  •   Modularity

    NEXIO is fully modular and is always built around Accounting & Cage module. Further on, you can expand your CMS functionality and add Ticketing, Mystery Jackpots, Player Tracking (with Bonusing) and Cashless modules.

  •   Scalability

    NEXIO is a highly scalable CMS which can manage a single slot hall with 20-30 slots, as well as centrally managed multi-site configuration with large numbers of casino sites having thousands of slots and  hundreds of gaming tables. When implemented in a multi-site configuration, NEXIO helps you to achieve group synergy, while giving each individual site the ability to improve its operational performance.

  •   Security

    Despite NEXIO cross platform nature, all the data between server and clients runs behind additionally secured independent and encrypted protocol based on latest industry standards.

  •   Installation, Training, Maintenance and 24/7 Customer Support

    We take care about NEXIO’s installation, set-up and the training of end-users, from floor staff all the way up to the top managers. Once up-and-running, we take care of system maintenance and offer you support 24/7. With Advansys and Nexio you will never walk alone!

  •   Seamless integration of Players data from Slots and Tables

    Nexio merges players data from Slots and Tables to a seamless and unified userbase in which every player’s profile is wider and more accurate. This grants you deeper analytics and reveals you the true nature of your players.