An extremely user-friendly system

Nexio grows with your business and latest trends by being constantly upgraded to give you a strong competitive advantage
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Rapid installation

It can take as little as 10 working days to get Nexio up and running in your casino.

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Nexio is constantly upgraded. Upgrades, support and maintenance can be delivered remotely.

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24/7 support

If you have a query about Nexio, we are here to solve it for you. Anytime.



Nexio makes sure that it is almost impossible to share data outside your ecosystem or suffer data degradation.

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Modular and scalable

It is very simple to upgrade your system with additional modules or to change floor layouts and create new reports.

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Nexio is a polyglot that already communicates with players in five languages, with new languages being added regularly.

Nexio offers seamless integration
Nexio is fully compatible with all major slot machine producers, supports all casino table games and integrates well with third party solutions
_data integration
Nexio integrates data from all the players, games, venues, and marketing costs into an integrated database for analysis.
_no limits
Nexio easily integrates your existing hotel, online casino, ERP or any other third-party solution.
_casino hardware friendly
Nexio works well with third-party hardware like cash redemption terminals, chip counting machines, and similar.
»Advansys staff and products are superb! We have all system modules on more than 2,000 slots in 5 casinos and 4 regions.«
Nuh Yondem
Slots Director at MERIT CASINOS
[how it works]
We guide you through the process


Let us help you decide what combination of modules makes most sense for your casino.


Give us a few days (it can be as little as 10 working days) and we will get Nexio up and running in your casino.


You have specific levels of access and customisation protocols to adhere to? No problem, we can help set it up.


First time users can be reluctant to try new things, so let us show them how easy it is and how simpler their life can become with Nexio’s help.


It is unlikely that Nexio will cause much trouble for you, but if a pesky issue appears, we are here to help. Anytime.

Technical information and basic requirements
Nexio is OS and device independent
It works on any OS, PC, tablet, smartphone, and some smart watches.
Nexio runs on standard industrial servers, which are extremely scalable. They can be adapted to larger or smaller venues and varying numbers of slot machines and tables.
Oracle Database
Nexio runs on an Oracle embedded database, which can be licensed either with a standard or an enterprise edition.
SAS Protocols
Minimum required slot machine protocol version is SAS 4.05 or higher (for modules Accounting & Cage, Jackpot, Player Tracking), SAS 5.0 or higher (Ticketing) and SAS 5.0 + EFT enabled or higher for the Cashless module.
Certified , innovative, and reliable
Nexio is fully certified and licensed in accordance with the strictest regulations for the distribution and maintenance of casino software. Both Nexio and Advansys have received several awards acknowledging their inventiveness, reliability, and the stability of their business.
Optimize your casino business today.