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Smooth operations with optimised cost and control

Nexio helps manage your casinos and optimise their profitability by giving you complete and easily accessible control.
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Complete overview 
of operations as
 they happen
More control
Live monitoring of operations
More security
Operational vulnerability under control
Optimized operations
Insights for increased efficiency
Every operational aspect of your casino can be monitored as it happens.
With Nexio managers can keep a finger on the pulse of the operations spanning from accounting and cage, support and maintenance, player tracking, and all the way to floor management and surveillance.
More control
Every operational aspect of your casino can be monitored as it happens.
With Nexio managers can keep a finger on the pulse of the operations spanning from accounting and cage, support and maintenance, player tracking, and all the way to floor management and surveillance.
More security
The best strategy to prevent fraud attempts and security breaches is to create complete transparency.
Knowing your vulnerabilities and mitigating their effects is key in operating a casino business. Nexio gives a complete and in-depth overview of all your processes, actions and activities, thus creating a transparency that severely inhibits security breaches.
Optimized operations
How do you maximise the profits with the casino footprint that you are currently running?
What is the best floor plan, games mix, promotional strategy, how many people need to work the floor, which players need most attention? All these questions can be easily answered with the in-depth and easy-to-understand analytics provided by Nexio.
[business process]
Facilitating workflow, aggregating data
It gives you complete and easily accessible control over your casino processes.
Apart from live monitoring of all activities, management can use Nexio to optimize all the business processes and identify ways to plug value leaks and generate fresh income or profit. Nexio provides in-depth analyses around players, games, employees, venues, and business functions, or a cross-section of them, and the reports can be tailored to the needs of a specific business function or user.
Floor managers
Keeping an overview of all the activities on the floor, games, and players, with live floor view, reporting, instant alerting, and in-depth analyses. Nexio can also help optimize the floor, select the most attractive and profitable games, and minimize downtimes and costs.
Immediate and exact support and maintenance alerts at crucial events can be pushed via different channels giving the maintenance staff the opportunity to stay informed all the time. This significantly reduces the downtime and allows for detailed analytics of events, shortens reaction times, and increases success rates.
Cage and Accounting
A dedicated Cage module gives the process of casino money management instant transparency and traceability of activities and individual actions, while allowing the cage staff to perform more efficiently.
Nexio brings a lot of advantages to the bar staff and the players. Drinks can be ordered comfortably while playing, and the bar staff is immediately notified of the order, paying method, promotional pricing for this player, free drinks, and similar. Bar costs are included in the calculation of overall profitability per different segments, like junkets, player segments, or individual players. Pricing policies for different segments can be individually set, and Nexio also keeps costs and stock under control.
The amount of data that the casino will be collecting about a single guest can be predefined. Nexio creates a complete overview of visits, entries and exits, includes entry prohibitions, the exchange of internal annotations and messages for guests, as well as comprehensive reporting, including peak and low times of visits by hours and days.
Security staff can have an immediate overview of the floor, the players and their profiles, as well as exchange live messages and annotations with other casino functions. This facilitates their work, as all the pertinent information is available live on the go.
Hosts can recognise hot players live on their phone and reach out to them instantly. The module for promotions and loyalty programs allows for a variety of combinations and programs to boost return visits, length of play, profitability, and player satisfaction. If your casino deals with junkets, Nexio can support entire profit split calculations.
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Notifications and alerts
Nexio facilitates efficiency and issues resolution by alerting to predefined events and situations


Any event within the casino can be defined to prompt a notification, for example a malfunction or a large win.


Is a loyal player having a losing streak? Nexio can detect similar pre-defined situations and prompt the host to diffuse the tension with a promotion or a drink.


Employees can subscribe to notifications and alerts for events and situations relevant to their job and also select their channel of choice.


Nexio can send alerts via text or email messages, or as a pop-up on a device running the Nexio application.

Plugging the leaks of everyday operations
Nexio prevents the loss of value, effort or time over activities that are not efficient or essential.
Decreased downtime
Automated prompts and accessibility of the system on mobile devices allows for immediate reaction to halts or malfunctions.
Less value leaks
Complete transparency of all the business processes prevents the largest value leaks and can enable the informed decision-making to mitigate the smaller ones or avoid the formation of new ones.
Fewer time sinks
When staff is always informed and efficient, more gets done in a shorter amount of time. Time-wasting repetitive jobs can be automated and employees can have more time for meaningful interaction, analysis and improvements.
Extremely easy to use
Nexio is an extremely user-friendly comprehensive CMS with very short onboarding.
Nexio gives the staff all the necessary information with a tap on their phone. Or tablet. Or PC. Nexio is accessible from any device and can be used to prompt and record an activity, preview upcoming tasks, or offer other insights in line with the customised dashboard.
No more time-consuming data input: Nexio automatically detects new slot machines on the floor, slot configurations and positions. What is more, it also automatically recognises meter irregularities, offering immediate corrections and thus preventing faulty analytics and flaws within loyalty program calculations.
Nexio offers a set of most useful insights for a specific business function and provides step-by-step guidance with wizards for most complex tasks, so you can rest assured that no detail is missed.
Different functions within a casino require different reports, but that is not a problem. With a drag-and-drop or two you can take advantage of the customizable dashboard and open reporting tool.
Simple yet insightful
Nexio works with a huge amount of data and can perform truly insightful analyses. Data becomes information and Nexio always suggests the most useful charts and graphs, allowing you to tweak them if you wish.
Nexio makes sure you build on positive experiences and avoid repeating failed attempts: it will record all changes on the floor separately and calculate whether they have brought positive outcomes.
Why Nexio
Ready support
 the growth
You are on the path of growth and Nexio is here to support it.
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Seamlessly supports the increase in the number of slots, tables, employees, and players and is ready for your future needs.
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Ownership of Nexio is an access point to the upgrades that incorporate the latest trends, additional modules, or any other future requirements.
Integrates the latest innovative and customisable mechanics in loyalty programs to maximise income and control marketing spend.
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Nexio allows you to add and integrate several venues as you grow, independent of their geographical location.
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Analytics overview includes all games, all players, all venues, all promotions and can be connected to external systems like ERP or hotel.
“We are a longstanding Advansys partner and we were very happy to upgrade our CMS to the latest Nexio version. We were surprised with the ease of use and the reliability of the system. We are also extremely happy with their support, which is available to us around the clock.”
Jeff Prusinowski
Vice-President Gaming Operations, DIVI FLAMING CASINO, BONAIRE
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