Advansys unveils Nexio™ – its new advanced Casino Management System

Advansys unveils Nexio™ – its new advanced Casino Management System

New Casino Management System branded NEXIO is the result of past 10 years experience in field of CMS and intensive development in last 24 months.

NEXIO is more than an improved version of Advansys previous CMS FloorScanner™, since it has been developed entirely from the scratch with completely new system architecture, running on cutting edge HW and Web designed platform. NEXIO™ Player Tracking and Cashless Hardware on slots side have now 4,3 – Inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreens allowing a bi-directional communication with casino players.

NEXIO™ features a unique and intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), which takes the CMS experience to a wider understanding. It gives the possibility to process and present the most complex analytical data in a comprehensive visual format, allowing to respond faster and to decide smarter.  Dashboards & Gadgets are one of NEXIO™ most interesting tools, to get operational insight from raw data. NEXIO™ Gadgets are selected from a constantly growing library and added on user-personalized dashboard.

NEXIO™ is also accessible on mobile devices enabling casino operators to review CMS key data with their mobile devices in real-time. NEXIO™ works on Apple iPads, iPhones, Android tables and smart phones.

As a Cross-Platform NEXIO™ is compatible with any OS: Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows, Google Chrome OS or any version or combination of them.