Poker Tournaments



Big Boss™ – Poker Tournaments Management module is a professional, but comprehensive and user friendly solution for management of your TH Poker tournaments.

It is designed to substantially reduce time spent for tournaments management even in the biggest and best organized Poker Rooms, no matter of their number, size or distance between them.

Big Boss™ can work as Stand-alone system or as a module inside our casino management system and in both cases represents a powerful tool to improve your marketing and operation processes. The final result is increased profitability of your poker room.



  • Easy creation of poker tournaments considering all relevant criteria using preselected or your own templates
  • Total integration of poker room Cash Desk
  • Ticket printers and bar code scanners for Buy-ins and Re-buys
  • Easy management of tournaments directly on the floor with smart phones or tablets
  • Access to the system through Android, iOS, Windows
  • Direct export of all tournament results in HTML format to share it on the Web
  • Real-time data about Registered and Active players, Prize-pool and number of chips in the tournament
  • Several tournaments can be played at the same time at one or more locations
  • Multisite connection of various poker rooms in one poker network


Key Features & Benefits

  1. Permanent players database with easy access
  2. Automated calculation of Prize-pools and individual prizes
  3. Multiple algorithms for allocation of tournaments seats
  4. Selectable number of seats on each and every poker table
  5. Detailed records of all tournaments and sessions permanently stored in the database
  1. Allows manual opening, braking and closing of the poker table
  2. Comprehensive analytics of single tournament
  3. Export of relevant data in various formats for further analysis
  4. Tickets integration allows  total control over financial transactions and players
  5. Bigger Prize-pools achieved through connection of multiple locations
  1. Changes are possible even while tournaments are running
  2. Displays all data relevant for players and tournament personnel on standard LCD TVs
  3. Selection of different sounds and songs for different events and actions
  4. Multi-screen mode to display data of different events taking place at the same time


Technical Info




Compatible 3rd party hardware



Tablets & Smart Phones


Ticket printers


Bluetooth Barcode Tickets Scanner



All Advansys TableScaner™ software modules are designed to work within the MS Windows operating system to offer totally user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access the software application with own username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users. This means, different individuals and different working positions can access to different parts of Big Boss– Poker Tournaments Management module software.



Big Boss software application can be installed on any MS Windows based PC (minimum operating system requirement is MS Windows XP Pro, but works fine also with MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7).

Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.


Server and Database

For installing TableScanner™ Poker Turnaments module there is no additional server and database needed as it runs on same Floor Server and Database as the basic module Accounting & Cage.