The Advansys SlotScanner™ Jackpot module can generate various types of jackpots to make your slot floor even more attractive for players. Mystery or Progressive Jackpot option, Local of Wide-area, the decision is completely yours! With Mystery Jackpot option you can create and simultaneously display up to 8 different Jackpot levels. Combine any of these jackpots with attractive HD 1080 video animated themes and related jackpot signs.

You can link together (via Ethernet Network) hundreds of slots to create huge jackpot Prize-pools and higher hit frequency. Jackpots can be triggered either by a certain winning combination predefined within the slot machine (Game Based or SAS Progressive) or as alternative, randomly triggered by Jackpot Engine Controller (System based or Mystery progressive).

Game Based progressive can only connect the same type of slot machines with the same set-up, on the other hand Mystery Progressive can connect different machine types with different games and denomination.



  • Visible and hidden Jackpot increment setup
  • Settable min. and max. JP values and hit frequency
  • Up to 8 Jackpot levels
  • Local or Wide Area configuration
  • Attractive Full HD 1080 video themes
  • Integrated casino advertising and messaging
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Value, time and membership – based Jackpots
  • Custom Jackpot signs


Key Features

Mystery Jackpot Solution

SlotScanner™ Mystery Jackpots are random based but you still can set-up your own trigger criteria and hit parameters. You can select among different criteria below to trigger Jackpots:

  1. Value-based hit (JP hits within certain pre-set min and max value)
  2. Time-based hit (JP hits within certain time period->Happy Hour)
  3. Membership-based hit (JP can be hit only by players with a specific membership level)

The SlotScanner™ Mystery Jackpot can embrace different types of slot machines, independently from their manufacturer, type, pay-out table, denomination or slot floor location.

Progressive Jackpot Solution

The SlotScanner™ Progressive Jackpot creates a single Jackpot from a group of slot machines. These slot machines must be of the same type (platform) with the same or similar pay-out table. A jackpot hit is Game-based,
 so the player has to win a predetermined winning combination on the slot machine to trigger the Jackpot.


Technical Info



Jackpot Controllers

jackpot-controler copy

jackpot-1 copy


Jackpot Engine Controller
Powerful controller capable of connecting up to 140 slot machines. Generating up to 8 different jackpot levels. Local or Wide area configuration.

Random number generator Mersenne twister. Integrated mechanical meters.

Jackpot Display Controller
Fully customized interface displaying Jackpot amounts to meet user requirements. LED-style of graphic odometers. Up to 20 different screens. Up to 8 odometers per screen.

Video and audio support (AVI, MPEG, SWF, WAV, Macromedia flash animations, 3D graphic). Images switch time definition. Displaying of advertising messages.


Fan-less PC based platform.

Based on Nvidia ION platform

Dimensions (LxWxH)

300 x 150 x 50

135 x 190 x 24

Other technical data

Memory 2 GB. 2 network Ethernet Cards. Windows XP Embedded. MySQL database. Voltage 110 V – 230 V.

Memory up to 4GB. Processor 2.13GHz Dual core. LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n up to 300 Mbps. Audio and Video outpus (VGA, HDMI, S-Video). Line-out jack (support S/PDIF-OUT). Voltage 110 V – 230 V.

Jackpot Signs



All Advansys SlotScaner™ software modules are designed to work within the MS Windows operating system to offer totally user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access to the software application with his own username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users. This means, different individuals and different working positions can access to different parts of Jackpot software.

SlotScanner™ Jackpot software application can be installed on any MS Windows based PC (minimum operating system requirement is MS Windows XP Pro, but works fine also with MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7). Jackpot software is installed on all Jackpot PC workstations, but can be installed also on slots, tables, marketing and surveillance Back office PCs.

Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.




Slot Machines Technical Requirements

SlotScanner™ is designed to connect with slots using SAS protocol. For SlotScanner™ Jackpots module SAS 4.05 or higher is required.


Slot Machines with SAS 4.05 or higher.


Slot Machines with SAS 6.0.


Server and Database

For installing SlotScanner™ Jackpot module there is no additional server and database needed as it runs on same Floor Server and Database as the basic module Accounting & Cage.