Press Release, January 2013

Advansys, a Slovenian premium manufacturer of On-line systems, reports successful 2012 in terms of revenue, sales on new markets and increased market shares on the most important existing markets.

With intensive development activities in last 12 months we are proud to offer to our customers latest innovations which will support casino daily operations more efficiently and optimize daily routine work.

On the slots side, we create  our own HD video themes and signs for Mystery Jackpots systems previously sold without them.  Our customers can choose from three existing themes or order custom video theme with audio and related sign.

On tables side, our ingeneeres integrated SHFL and Abbiati HW with TableScanner system. One of most interesting features is the integration of SHFL Easy Chipper machine with Player Tracking module allowing automated bet collection of all players on American roulette, with 99% accuracy. To track number of decks dealt at the card games, we integrated SHFL One2Six shufflers. Moreover, the integration with Abbiati american roulette wheels to pick the effective number of spins per hour and all winning numbers, was very logical next step.

Our imprtant novelty is the most advanced Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments Management System on the market, branded BIG BOSS. It can be used as a stand-alone product or as a module inside your integrated Table Management system. Its Multisite »pedigree« allows the connection of up-to 99 different poker rooms/locations and creation of extra big Pots collected accross all poker rooms. Development engineers succeeded to integrate Poker Clock, Backoffice app, Cash Desk app (including Tickets for Buy-ins and rebuys), smart phones and tablets to manage the tournaments directly from casino floor in a very innovative way and, at the same time, easy-to-use.

Advansys has always been well known as flexible and reliable business partner and our system appreciated for its modularity, scalability, and excellent price-performance ratio. During last years new modules have been added and the system reached total integration of different system modules across slots and tables, including third party HW. Taking into account proven company customization and support ability, the system has evolved to real IT Ecosystem.


But the best is yet to come, Advansys next generation solutions with touch screen Player Tracking hardware and new fancy user interfaces are knockin on the door of ICE 2013