Training within the tender “e-commerce 2019-2022”


The investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (EKP 2014–2020). The process of formation and upgrade of e-business in Advansys d.o.o. between the years 2019 and 2022 is called “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022«.

In accordance with the digitization, optimization and upgrading of e-business our company carried out training within the measure Strengthening training competencies with the aim of upgrading knowledge and finding solutions for more optimal and successful implementation of tasks. By co-financing the costs for the introduction and upgrade of e-business, the measure enables the company to optimize work process, increase visibility, competitive advantage and sales.

The training included informing the management and employees about new modern models of digitalization of the sales process with the support of digital tools. The training program included:

  • benefits and risks of business digitization
  • presentation of industry 4.0
  • efficient value creation processes, new models and export tools
  • digitization of business processes


Link to the EU website and the public tender for funds:

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