Reception Desk



Gain complete overview over your visits with TableScanner™ Reception desk. This is a smart solution for fast and easy registration of all visitors at the casino entrance. It is full of useful features such as tagging, VIPs alerting, general messaging, prohibition lists and ready to be used for extensive analytics and reporting. Capture and store a visitors photo, scan his or her ID, driving license or just a signature, print promo coupons for free drinks or various drawings raffles, all these directly at the casino entrance.

Your frequent visitors can be awarded with RFID (membership) cards. They enable them for fast registration just by putting the card close to the RFID reader at the reception desk. Option to print entry ticket or not is entirely yours. With same RFID cards they can set-up limited access to different VIP areas or to the special parking lots.

This module is also important tool for your marketing department You can analyze your slow and peak periods, send birthday card or query visitors database by specific or combined criteria and create mailing lists. Security department will also benefit having on disposal a variety of information stored in this module.




  • Role-based access to different menus and data
  • Complete and Real-time review of all casino visitors including their photo
  • Fast registration with RFID membership or cashless card
  • Selective access to VIP areas
  • Comprehensive analytics over visits and visitors
  • Identification of peak and low visiting periods


Key Features & Benefits

  1. Entry tickets and/or receipts printing
  2. Promo coupons printing
  3. Camera to capture players’ photos
  4. Players signature scanning
  1. Pending personal messages on the entrance
  2. Automatic player’s photo capture from existing document
  3. Data scanning from existing documents with OCR scanners
  4. online visitors view with picture
  1. Lists of undesirable visitors
  2. Fully integrated with Player Tracking module
  3. Multisite feature


Technical Info



RFID Card Readers are connected via USB to every reception desk PC workstation to support automated fast registration of visitors.


Compatible 3rd party hardware




POS Printer
Prints entrance tickets, raffle and happy hour coupons.

Scans personal documents such as IDs, driving licenses, passports etc.

Photo Camera
Captures the photos of visitors.



All Advansys TableScaner™ software modules are designed to work within the MS Windows operating system to offer completely user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access the software application with own his username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users. This means, different individuals and different working positions can access to different parts of Reception Desk software.

TableScanner™ Reception Desk software application can be installed on any MS Windows based PC (minimum operating system requirement is MS Windows XP Pro, but works fine also with MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7). Reception Desk software is installed on all Reception Desk PC workstations, but can be installed also on slots, tables, marketing and surveillance Back office PCs.

Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.


Server and Database

For installing TableScanner™ Reception Desk module there is no additional server and database needed as it runs on same Floor Server and Database as the basic module Accounting & Cage.