Accounting & Cage



With TableScanner™ Accounting & Cage module you can get a grip of your accounting and cage processes in your gaming tables department with minimum investment and best ever value for money. Control, monitor and analyze the financial, maintenance, security and activity time issues of each and every one of your gaming tables, it doesn’t matter if roulettes, cards or craps.

With this module you automate and optimize your business processes, decrease labor cost and increase efficiency of the floor personnel. In doing so, you will save money, generate revenue and be able to predict upcoming trends. Integrated Multi-site functionalities of all the

TableScanner™ modules give you possibility to control in real-time all your venues directly from your Head Office. Real-time data and information, various alarms and alerts all for swift decisions to manage your venues for better performance and lower costs.



  • Supports all types of casino table games
  •  Identification of employees at the gaming table with RFID card
  • Fast and simple hardware installation
  • Extremly fast and accurate Laser Ball Reader for the roulette wheel
  • MS Windows compatible and user friendly Back Office software
  • Multi-site, Single-site or Stand-alone configurations
  • Super-stretched 29-inch LCD display of game results
  • Tracking of direction, speed and number of ball loops on roulette wheel
  • Meets requirements of most demanding casino jurisdictions
  • Financial results integrated with slots department


Key Features & Benefits

  1. Overall and single table financial performance
  2. Real-time Win/Loss and Drop status per table
  3. Dealer and Table Activity Time reports
  4. Tracks number of decks dealt on cards
  5. Real-time winning numbers on AR
  1. No data is lost even if server is offline or down
  2. Special juriscdictional requirements can be covered with little or no adjustments
  3. Fits any table and any roulette wheel
  4. Simplifies financial and operational reporting
  5. It is flexible and integrates easily with your existing operating procedures
  1. Total control of all cash and credit movements
  2. Staff costs reduction due to optimization of tables operating schedules
  3. Minimizes mistakes due to human error
  4. Keeps your procedure automated, optimized and under control

Technical Info






Pannel PC with RFID Cards Reader
8-inch colour LCD touch screen for management of all cash and credit transactions directly on the gaming table, including registration for dealers and players.

3-Bean Laser Ball Reader
Super fast and accurate reading of winning number on any type of roulette wheels, including those with double zeros.

29-inch Winning Number LCD display
Single or double-sided displays games results, statistics table max and min and multimedia.



Floor & Users Network

For security reasons, there are two floor networks connected to Floor Server: Floor Network and Users Network. Gaming tables and Floor Server are connected over the ethernet into a Floor Network. PC workstations for Cash Desk, counting room and back office are connected over the ethernet to Users Network. These are reliable, simple and affordable solutions using UTP Cat5/6 cables. The Floor Network includes also switches to combine Cat5/6 cables from gaming tables to stream the information into one cable connected to the Floor Server. The Floor Server supports an outgoing communication line for remote access to provide support and maintenance.




All Advansys TableScaner™ software modules are designed to work within the MS Windows operating system to offer completely user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access the software application with his own username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users. This means, different individuals and different working positions can access to different parts of Accounting & Cage software.




TableScanner™ Accounting & Cage software application can be installed on any MS Windows based PC (minimum operating system requirement is MS Windows XP Pro, but works fine also with MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7).   Accounting & Cage software is installed on all Accounting & Cage PC workstations, but can be installed also on slots, tables, marketing and surveillance Back office PCs.

Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.


Server and Database

TableScanner™ Accounting & Cage module uses Floor Servers with MS Windows Server 2003 operating system. Oracle database is embedded throughout our EcoSystem supporting total integration of all FloorScanner™ modules.

For a Multisite configuration (connection of multiple venues into one unique system), one additional Central Server is required for HQ. It runs on the same platform as local Floor Servers in each and every Casino.