SlotScanner™ Ticketing module is the right choice for those who wish to offer extra benefits to their players and enable a faster and more profitable play. Your slot players can benefit from a new level of security comfort and convenience.

SlotScanner™ Ticketing reduces or even completely eliminates hopper fills, simplifies hand pays and thus directly increases the efficiency of your casino staff. With the ticket players can switch between slot machines quickly without waiting and handling buckets of coins. This translates directly into longer playing time and increased income.

SlotScanner™ Ticketing can be configured to meet the needs of your casino and is proven to yield a return on investment sometimes within in less than 12 months. “Promo tickets” are an efficient tool for additional promotion of the casino. They are awarded to new players and can be either cashable or not.



  • Cuts operating costs
  • Increase activity time
  • Increase casino revenue
  • Increase players comfort
  • Simplifies cage processes
  • Simple, reliable and easy to setup
  • No additional cabling or HW required
  • Promotional tickets supported
  • Fast return of investment

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Full Ticket-in & Ticket-out options
  2. Promotional tickets (cashable or not)
  3. Buyable Promo-tickets
  4. Based on System Validation
  5. Safe against fraud (unique barcode ID)
  1. Multi-denomination supported
  2. Redemption on CRT
  3. Accurate count with counting  machines
  4. Alerting functionalities
  5. Multilanguage
  1. High-speed scanner for fast cage operations
  2. Elimination of hopper management
  3. Tickets are cheaper than coins
  4. Integrated into Accounting & Cage module
  5. Extensive analytics

Technical Info



SlotScanner™ Ticketing comes as a software package with no additional hardware to be supplied and installed on the slot machines from our side. We supply Ticket Printers and Bar Code Readers for Cash Desks. All Ticket Printers for slot machines are supplied directly by slots manufacturers.



SlotScanner™ Ticketing is integrated and accessible through SlotScanner™ Accounting & Cage module.

Like other FloorScanner™ modules it is designed to work within the Windows environment since software is very Windows-like and thus easier for users to get to know it. Every user access the system with his own username and password, which is limited by predefined user access rights. These rights limit system sections view, data modification and data insertion.

SlotScaner™ Ticketing can be installed on any Windows Based PC, min XP Pro. We install it on cage, vault, management, floor staff, marketing workstations. For security reasons user network is divided from a slot machine network. Users can access to the system from anywhere simply using a VPN internet connection.



Slot Machine Technical Requirements

SlotScanner™ is designed to connect with slots using SAS protocol. For SlotScanner™ Ticketing module SAS 5.0 or higher is required. Slot machines which have to be equipped with proper HW (ticket printer and right bill validator) and soft ware (SAS 5.0 or higher and machine own ticketing supporting SW and integrated HW) – »tito ready«. Slot machines have to be set up to system validation mode.


Slot Machines with SAS 5.0 or higher.


Slot Machines with SAS 6.0.


Server and Database

For installing SlotScanner™ Ticketing module there is no additional server and database needed as it runs on same Floor Server and Database as the basic module Accounting & Cage.