Player Tracking




SlotScanner™ Player Tracking module is a bonus system where players accumulate points by introducing their personal loyalty cards into the slot machine while they are playing. Points are awarded to the players’ account according to their bet and can be exchanged for food and beverages, various gadgets, casino coupons and services or cash back. The best players can be awarded with privileged status.

Operators motivate players to gather points with creative awards thus offering a superior service to their customers. To enable the Player Tracking to function, each slot machine must be equipped with a card reader, a keyboard and monitor. A powerful marketing tool is available for individual player and group’s analyses and on-line floor monitoring, thus enabling the casino operators to know precisely the value of individual player they are dealing

with on the floor or just checking in. SlotScanner™ Player Tracking software includes Tombola and Promo games supporting packages, self-service kiosks and a refined reception module. Player Tracking is an essential tool for those operators who handle overnight guests and combine the casino with the hotel and other services.




  • Real-time view of players’ activity including their location on the floor
  • Immediate overview of the best and worst players
  • Integrated customer management system helps building better relationships with players and sales agents
  • Variety of bonus options (time, slot machine, player characteristic-specific promotions …)
  • Enables the optimization and efficient cost control of all the marketing costs
  • Easily mountable Player Tracking hardware components independent of the slot machine type
  • Exhaustive reporting and predictions on player spend
  • Segment players by different parameters
  • Reward players with points earned by play and spent on different games, locations and time periods
  • Create time specific promotions such as Happy Hours
  • Do a full comp and points analysis
  • Track points redemption, coupons and comps
  • Query database by specific marketing criteria and send direct mail to specific target groups
  • Associate a player or a group of them to specific sales reps, track their spend and calculate the sales commission.


Key Features & Benefits

  1. It collects comprehensive data and uses it to create an exhaustive list of reports to suit every management need
  2. Endorses a user-friendly mailing list generator
  3. Features expense management tools
  4. Enables faster player recognition on the casino floor
  5. Live information on selected player’s activity on the slot floor
  6. Enables proactive player contact management – pop-up reminders prompt hosts to contact players
  7. You can reward premium players at their favorite game
  8. You can measure spend within a group as a whole and on the individual level to successfully validate an agent’s contribution
  9. Enables optional selection of rewards at the self-service points redemption kiosks
  10. Based on RFID technology
  1. Players are rewarded according to their spend
  2. Players are recognized on the floor and individually approached
  3. Rewards are collected according to the players’ individual preferences
  4. Players can choose their own rewards at the self-service points redemption kiosk
  5. Opportunity to approach players individually
  6. Staff gains extra freedom to interact with the players instead of constantly overseeing the floor
  7. Accurate and realtime access to information about players spend and profile
  8. Automated alerts when a hot player appears on the floor
  9. Enables slot floor staff to recognize hot and VIP players right at the game
  1. Efficient control and optimization of marketing budgets
  2. Better promotion of lean hours using different motivational schemes including happy hours
  3. Immediate recognition and proper rewarding of your top players to insure their constant growth
  4. Creation of automated loyalty programs
  5. Immediate detection of players with noticable potential to grow
  6. Increased player retention increases profitability
  7. Facilitate cross-promotion over your various profit centers(restaurants, bars, etc.)
  8. Enables higher retention of the casual, as well as the top-tier players
  9. Creates a competitive advantage


Technical Info

SlotScanner™ Player Tracking hardware parts are easily mountable and adaptable to all slot machine types or on electronic roulettes.

Player Tracking hardware kits include a display and a touch sensitive keyboard with an integrated RFID card reader which are mountable on single slot machine.

With additionally implemented self-service Kiosk Station on preferred casino floor locations, players can simply choose their own rewards or get information about a variety of casino promotions.



PT Display

PT Keyboard and RFID reader

PT Kiosk Station


PT Display

LCD display providing information on funds status. Displaying casino marketing messages. Easy and quick to install and configure. Multilingual.

PT Keyboard and RFID reader

Multicolored touch sensitive keyboard. RFID technology card reader. PIN code security supported. Predefined light effect on activity status.

PT Kiosk Station

Self-service terminal enables funds review. Gives general info about bonus points status and exchange alternatives. Supports casino advertising. Easy to use with a touch screen monitor. Multilingual.

Technical data

Bus interface/technology

Communication via PT main module which controls and manages all PT components I2C connection.

Mini ITX PC, Intel
Atom 1.6 GHz
15˝EloTouch screen
Ticket printer
USB RFID reader



Wide type 2 x 40 characters,
206mm x42mm x 36mm
Narrow type 4 x 20
108mm x 50mm x 36mm

133mm x 52mm x 94mm

42cm x 150cm x 35cm


RFID Players Card

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Players card is reliable, secure and easy to handle.

Card technical data:

ISO: EM4100-EM4102
Standard frequency: 125 kHz

Length: 85.60mm     Width: 53.98mm
Thickness 0.76mm     Angles apex: 3.18mm





All Advansys SlotScanner™ software modules are designed to work within the MS Windows operating system to offer completely user-friendly environment.

Each system user can access to the software application with his own username and password, which define his system permissions. These permissions are predefined by upper management and can be defined for a single user or group of users. This means, different individuals and different working positions can access to different parts of Player Tracking software.



SlotScanner™ Player Tracking software application can be installed on any MS Windows based PC (minimum operating system requirement is MS Windows XP Pro, but works fine also with MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7).   Player Tracking software is installed on all Player Tracking PC workstations, but can be installed also on slots, tables, marketing and surveillance Back office PCs.

Users can access the application from almost anywhere, simply using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.


Slot Machines Technical Requirements

SlotScanner™ is designed to connect with slots using SAS protocol. For SlotScanner™ Player Tracking module SAS 4.05 or higher is required.


Slot Machines with SAS 4.05 or higher.


Slot Machines with SAS 6.0.


Server and Database

For installing SlotScanner™ Player Tracking module there is no additional server and database needed as it runs on same Floor Server and Database as the basic module Accounting & Cage.