24/7 Support



SloorScanner™ monitors a vital part of every casino operation. We understand how mission-critical it is to have the system up and running at all times, that’s why we also offer 24/7 maintenance and support service to our customers.

Commitment to be reliable casino systems provider, requires more than just top products and technologies, but also exceptional people and organization behind them to deliver best possible services to own customers. Our systems are installed worldwide and we understand how important is to seamlessly integrate IT environment with daily casino operations and people around them.

In addition to professional customer support team, each of our SlotScanner™ modules has its own comprehensive user manual, dedicated to speed-up the learning curve of all users after onsite system installation.




How it works

There are dozens of customers worldwide with thousands of slots included in our “24/7 Customer Support & System Maintenance Program”.

Advansys has a dedicated Customer Support Team, built during last 10 years and located in Slovenia. All team members have extensive experience in IT and gaming industry, as well as good organization, communication and foreign language skills. They can support both, system end-users and IT professionals.

Most (99%) of the support and maintenance intervention are done from remote, using various IT communication tools and channels. Following your e-mail request for support and your permission, our support specialists connect to your server over VPN (Internet) perform the problem analysis with your assistance first, after which they try to fix the issue ASAP.

Obviously, if things on any of casino location go terribly wrong (usually because of an external influence such as flood or fire), we send our team members for onsite emergency intervention.

Sometimes you need from us just a little help, hint or suggestion, but we can do also periodical re-training of your end users or consulting to your managers, all with the same goal: to keep high performance of your slot department.


Support & Maintenance Options

There are different Support & Maintenance options available, including 24/7 Year-around option, to keep your system up-and-running all the time. We are more than sure, we can find the right solution for your needs.