Accounting & Cage

The one thing you do not gamble with

With SlotScanner™ Accounting & Cage module you can get a grip of your accounting and cage processes in your slot department with minimum investment and best ever value for money.

Control, monitor and analyze the financial, security, maintenance and activity time issues of each and every one of your slot machines.

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Extended playtime is extended profit time

SlotScanner™ Ticketing module is the right choice for those who wish to offer extra benefits to their players and enable a faster and more profitable play. Your slot players can benefit from a new level of security, comfort and convenience. SlotScanner™ Ticketing reduces or even completely eliminates hopper fills, simplifies Hand-pays and thus directly increases the efficiency of your casino staff.

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Revive your slot floor and maximize players’ entertainment and spent

SlotScanner™ Jackpot module can generate various types of jackpots to make your slot floor even more attractive for players. Mystery or Progressive Jackpot option, Local of Wide-area, the decision is entirely yours! With Mystery Jackpot option you can create and simultaneously display up to 8 different Jackpot levels. Combine any of these jackpots with attractive HD 1080 video animated themes and related jackpot signs.

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  Player Tracking

It takes more than neon signs to achieve customer loyalty

With SlotScanner™ Player Tracking module you can recognize and individually approach your best players and reward them accordingly to their spend. You can also extract information that can help you build a useful marketing database for effective CRM purposes.

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Plastic money makes spending easy

SlotScanner™ Cashless module is efficient tool to move the money around the casino faster, safer, with lesser cost and to grater players’ satisfaction. This solution increases players’ comfort and safety by using RFID Cashless Cards for all money transfers on the slot floor and by bringing also substantial reduction to your staff costs.

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  Reception Desk

Dobrodosli, Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue!

Gain complete overview of your visits with SlotScanner™ Reception desk module. This is a smart solution for fast and easy registration of all your visitors at the casino entrance. It is full of of useful features such as tagging, VIPs alerting, general messaging, list of banned players and ready to be used for extensive analytics and reporting. Capture and store a visitors photo, scan his or her ID, driving license or just a signature, print promo coupons for free drinks or various drawings raffles, all these directly at the casino entrance.

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Reach beyond single casino

SlotScanner™ Multisite module links your various sites to your head office via permanent network connections. You can visualize a single or all of your slot floor layouts and get an instant feel of what is going on in each and every of your venues. It has never been easier to overview a casino group with more dislocated venues.

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  24/7 Support

You will never walk alone

SlotScanner™ monitors a vital part of every casino operation. We understand how mission-critical it is to have the system up and running at all times, that’s why we offer also 24/7 maintenance and support service to our customers.


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