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  • System installations and training  

    Our installation and training team visits every casino to install the software and hardware and to do the basic training for all of the users.

    Our system is installed world wide and we understand how important is to integrate an IT environment with daily casino operations and people skills. That`s why we promise flexibility and system adaptation as much possible.

Languages supported:

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  • What languages are supported?  

    We strive to adapt FloorSanner™ to as many local languages as possible. What is more, every installation includes all languages, supported until the date of installation. In other words: every user can define his or her own preferred language, which is extremely welcome in multi-language environments. For detailed list of currently supported languages, please vist our product section in our web site or contact our sales team.


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  • How do I monitor individual slot machine or gaming table?  

    FloorScanner™ user interface graphically visualizes positions and specifics of all your slot machines and table games. Monitoring of events, meters and states, related to an individual device, is just as simple.

  • What are minimum required communication protocols for slots?  

    SlotScanner™ is designed to connect with slots using SAS protocol. Guidelines for minimum required SAS versions for our modules are:

    • Accounting & Cage: SAS 4.05

    • Jackpots: SAS 4.05

    • Player Tracking: SAS 4.05

    • Ticketing: SAS 5.0

    • Cashless: SAS 5.0 + EFT enabled or SAS 6.0 AFT enabled

  • What happens to data when the connection to the server is down?  

    If your slot machine is up and running, the monitoring SMIB (slot machine interface board) installed in the slot machine detects events and collects informations from the slot machines. While offline, the SMIB as an autonomouse device with a separate power feed stores and keeps for a certain time all relevant data. As soon as the connection with the server is reestablished, the data batch is transferred to the server.

  • What kinds of slots and gaming tables can FloorScanner™ monitor?  

    SlotScanner™ is compatible with all major slot machine producers, such as: IGT, Aristocrat, Atronic, Williams, Bally, Novomatic, Konami, Ainsworth, Interblock, Gold Club, Alfa Street, Spintec, etc. It is also connectable to slots, which support one of the major communication protocols, like SAS, SYCOM, ASP, MISER, etc.

    TableScanner™ system supports all casino table games, no matter if roulettes, card or craps. Moreover, our super-fast and accurate Ball Reader can track number of ball loops on any roulette wheel.  TableScanner™ is ready to Abbiati roulette wheels, too.

  • What operating system and database does FloorScanner™ use?  

    The SlotScanner™ server computer uses Windows 2003 Server operating system. Oracle database is embedded throughout our ecosystem. All system users access the applications with MS Windows based PCs.